Simply Swank Creative Soldering Art Starter Kit

This is THE kit to get you started in Creative Soldering! It is from Simply Swank. No acid or lead, very safe and easy to use. The kit has enough materials to create 4 projects with the glass included in the kit, but you can make much more with all the materials available at Vintages. All you need to do is add your own artwork between the glass, wrap with copper foil tape, apply the acid free flux and melt lead-free solder onto the copper foil!

The Simply Solder Creative Art Kit includes: * 60 Watt Soldering Iron with Iron clad chisel tip * Lead Free Solder 2 oz * Copper Foil tape 5/16" wide 15 feet * Acid Free flux with brush top lid .5 0z * Assorted jump rings large, medium and small * Coil Spring Iron Stand with sponge * Large Holding Clamp and Small holding Clamp * 2 sets of 1" x 3/4" Glass * 1 set of 1.25" x 3" Glass * 1 set of 2" x 3" Glass * Full color photo instructions and safety information

Creative Soldering Starter Kit
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  • Item #: SSW1000
  • Manufacturer: Simply Swank
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